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I love what you guys are doing with Blogventure”

Brett Harris, Bestselling author and founder of Young Writers Workshop

When I started my first blog, it took me weeks to get my first 100 subscribers. But it shouldn't take that much time.

Written by Ryan Gainor

Time after time, I hear the same thing: "I can't get to 100 subscribers!" or "That'll take me at least a month!"

That's just not true.

Why shouldn't you be able to, right now, start a blog and get 100 subscribers in the next 48 hours?

My name is Ryan Gainor, and I am the co-founder, along with Zach Philip, of Blogventure.

At Blogventure, we help new bloggers get off the ground and hit those milestones that seem impossible when you're first starting out.

I'm talking about milestones like hitting your first 100 subscribers, making your first sale, getting featured on other blogs, e.t.c.

Too often, bloggers and case studies feature big people doing even bigger things:

Hitting one million in sales (Still haven't made your first sale)

Running a complicated sales funnel (What's that?)

Growing a huge audience into an even larger one (Slow down!)

As a newer blogger, articles and case studies on far-off accomplishments and businesses don’t actually help you get results.

At Blogventure, we give you strategies that are practical for new bloggers.

Strategies you can use right now to get your blog off the ground.

We'll send you strategies and videos every week meant specifically for new bloggers.

For example, a strategy we recently used with a student, the close relations strategy, got him from 0 to 100 subscribers in less than 48 hours:

The strategy is simple but effective, and it works wonders when you are just starting out.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!

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